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1500+ Total Members! - up to 50+ Players on Weekends!

Up to 30+ Players Always Online!

Small RSPS Community but Growing!

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Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

Welcome to Snowscape, You'll find that we have been around since 2012 starting as a Oldschool 317 Server. I've slowly built up my Coding Skills & now I finally have a Perfect running Community because of my Excellent Staff and Donators. We get Donations Daily/Hourly but remember thats not all that matters. To earn staff you cant just donate for it, You must be helpful to players. We are a family here, you'll find people stick up for eachother. Make urself at home! Join Discord to stay in touch! Play our New World 2! SnowHD is back!

(Play Both servers to Maximize ur Earnings!)

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Support us with $10 A Month! You get a $150 Item from the ::Store!

Login Issues?

If you are having any trouble getting on the server, that means your computer is compatiable. Downloading Java 8 is very useful to fix issue. Specially for Mac PC. Pm staff if this persists.


If you have issues with logging in use this java!Java 8 x64 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you see this Tell Staff for a Secret 1M 1b tickets!($10+ Value!)Java 8 x86